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About AIRA

The AI Research Alliance of Catalonia (AIRA) is a pillar of Catalonia.AI strategy, defined by the Catalan Government, to promote excellence in scientific research, talent management and the acceleration of the development of solutions based on Artificial Intelligence.

AIRA aims to become a reference in the service of the excellence in scientific research, academic and social institutions in the Catalan AI ecosystem, to demonstrate the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, accelerate scientific research and talent generation.

The Artificial Intelligence Research Alliance (AIRA) is a structure to promote synergies and collaboration between groups, institutes, universities and research centres specialising in artificial intelligence, to promote joint activity on a national and international scale and establish a shared perspective for priority objectives concerning this area in Catalonia.

AIRA has been established as a place for cooperative work, where institutes, research centres and the infrastructure concerning artificial intelligence located in Catalonia can develop a coordinated strategy to promote scientific research, manage talent and accelerate the development of solutions based on artificial intelligence in Catalonia.

AIRA is open to any institution carrying out research into artificial intelligence that achieves high levels of excellence in this field, to foster the Catalan research ecosystem, identify areas of research and innovative solutions, and promote the generation, validation and transfer of scientific research into artificial intelligence and its associated talent.

AIRA's Technical Secretary is coordinated by the Computer Vision Center (CVC).


Strengthen the Catalan Research Ecosystem in AI as an international reference by promoting an active and dynamic community


Project Catalonia as a leading AI Research Hub in Europe.


Foster top-level Research and innovative technological solutions based on leading Research in AI.

Boost the associated talent in high added-value AI and specialization in the country's strategic sectors.

Ensure that all these actions are done in a context of equality and free of bias to reduce discrimination.